Traffic Shaping mit Squid

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==> Gute Erklärung wie an die "delay pools" für squid einrichtet.

Delay Classes are generally used in places where bandwidth is expensive. They let you slow down access to specific sites (so that other downloads can happen at a reasonable rate), and they allow you to stop a small number of users from using all your bandwidth (at the expense of those just trying to use the Internet for work).

Many non-US Universities have very small pipes to the Internet. Unfortunately these Universities often end up with huge amounts of their bandwidth being used for surfing that is not study-related. In the US this is fine, since the cost is negligible, but in other countries the cost of this casual surfing is astronomical.

To ensure that some bandwidth is available for work-related downloads, you can use delay-pools. By classifying downloads into segments, and then allocating these segments a certain amount of bandwidth (in kilobytes per second), your link can remain uncongested for useful traffic.

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